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Day 20: Homestretch

My 27 days of blogging was meant to coincide with my first 27 days of walking without crutches. I figured with all these firsts (post surgery) I would be experiencing, that I  could… Continue reading

Day 6: Rest Day

Since I was given the ok to ditch the crutch, life has been fast and furious. From swim meet spectating, traveling by car and plane, physical therapy, special projects, birthday parties, getting back… Continue reading

Injured Reserve Blues

I had dinner with a friend last night. She and I have both been injured for a while. Happens to the best of us when you push you body to it’s limits and… Continue reading

Knee Post Op Update: Part 1

Let me first start by saying that I am in very high spirits, and I have every right to be. The biopsy came back saying that indeed it was a giant cell tumor… Continue reading

Food & Recovery

I have realized in the past 24 hours just how much food is important to the recovery process. For reasons that would cross the line into TMI, I was on a liquid diet… Continue reading

Staying Accountable

August is about accountability in my training. If you missed my post declaring that, feel free to check it out here. Since it’s already more than halfway through the month, I figured I… Continue reading

Accountability August

I am taking a cue from @RunningBecause and calling August the month of Accountability. I have been struggling a bit mentally with training lately, instead of starting the day with it I have… Continue reading

You know you’re a triathlete when…

I had a total “you know… when…” moment this morning when I got to the Y before it opened because I wanted to make sure I got a lane on masters swim day.… Continue reading

Hello 2013 season

Yesterday was my first race of the season–Oxbow Triathlon in New Roads, Louisiana. Boy, do I enjoy race season. It’s fun to be out at the local races a couple of weekends a… Continue reading

No Such Thing As Impossible

One of the fun parts of training is getting to participate in some great charity rides. This weekend I participated in the 5th Annual “No Such Thing As Impossible” bike ride benefiting Wheels… Continue reading