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New Recipe: Beef and Broccoli and Cauliflower

I made a goal last year to try a new recipe each month, but I was not good about keeping track of it nor actually trying out new things, therefore the goal made… Continue reading

Revisiting my 2014 Goals

About a year ago I posted my 2014 goals. Since it’s closing in on the New Year, I figured I would take some time to revisit them and see what progress has been… Continue reading

Revised goal: 90 degrees

Going to be honest–it’s been a tough week. I’m not saying that for any sympathy, it’s just the truth. Being back in my house has been great, but there is much I still… Continue reading

Marathon Medal Monday

Today we have a guest post from my friend Renee (@rgibson0316) who started running about the same time I did but in a different city.  It’s been fun to watch her progress over… Continue reading

More Than You Think is Mental

My planner has a goals list and a to do list for every week. Since I started my training plan, my number one goal has been my 30 minute 5K. My goal race… Continue reading