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11 months

Sunday marked 11 months since my surgery–hard to believe it’s been that long. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it seems like a distant memory. I marked the anniversary with a 100… Continue reading

News from the Doc

I know I haven’t posted an update in a while. Last week I saw the doc for my “9 month” check up. Been processing what he said and haven’t really been ready to… Continue reading

Compare and Contrast

I know I already posted the pic of my x-ray from last week, but I didn’t realize just how much things had progressed until yesterday when my PT and I compared it with… Continue reading

Six Months

Today marks six months since the surgery I had to remove the giant cell tumor from my femur. It’s quite surreal. I still remember that day very vividly, in fact my life right… Continue reading

Day 21: Trust

I realized today that a lot of this journey revolves around trust. I had a moment at PT today when I really wanted to throw a bit of a tantrum as I still… Continue reading

Day 18: Tape

The last couple years, I have been held together with tape–or at least that’s what it has felt like. I had been having some pretty severe knee pain which we had been attributing… Continue reading

Good News and More Good News

I had my 3 month follow up the surgeon yesterday. As I am sure you could tell in my last post, I have been a bit anxious leading up to this week’s doctor… Continue reading

6 weeks post surgery

6 weeks ago yesterday I had surgery on my right leg to remove a giant cell tumor from my femur (thigh bone) right above my knee. In the last two months I have… Continue reading