My name is Kristin, but you can all me Koko like most of my friends. I am a dogoooder from the Windy City living in the 49th healthiest state trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle while moving the needle in a positive way on social issues that plague our community.  Just changed jobs and am now working at a local university in their service-learning department helping to create partnerships between non-profits in the community and professors on campus.  I have a passion for connecting people–connecting them with other people, with their passions and with ways they, too, can make a difference.

I took on a new challenge in 2013 as I signed up and started training for my first full IRONMAN race. But my journey to the IRONMAN was rudely disrupted by a giant cell bone tumor in my femur. Instead of crossing the finish line in 2013, I had to go under the knife to get the tumor taken out and my leg rebuilt. It’s was a long year full of challenges and growth (in more than one way) but I crossed the finish line at the inaugural IRONMAN Chattanooga in 2014 — 51 weeks post surgery!

Would love to hear from you. Holler at me on twitter where you can find me @especialk or check out my pics on instagram.


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