Day 20: Homestretch

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20140129-224435.jpgMy 27 days of blogging was meant to coincide with my first 27 days of walking without crutches. I figured with all these firsts (post surgery) I would be experiencing, that I  could document them and all the things I am learning everyday.

Well, today’s first was a long swim workout–my first 3000 yard workout since my surgery. As you know if you have been reading my blog, I have been swimming since early November. It was the first discipline that I was allowed to get back to. I am pretty certain that swimming has helped to speed up my healing process, if not physically then definitely psychologically. I feel at home in the water and without it, I get a little cranky.

What did I learn during my 3000 yard swim? I learned that I would rather swim into the lane line than the side of a cement pool, so when sharing lanes always choose the inside. In addition, I learned that sharing a lane with a handsome man in a speedo makes me swim a little bit faster. Probably not the most profound lessons I have learned in the journey, but lessons nonetheless.

I exchanged messages with my coach today–I always feel better after communicating with him. We are ready to start ramping up my training. Looking at this week as my get into back into the groove week with an hour workout everyday in addition to PT three times a week where I actually do 40 minutes of cardio be it run, elliptical or treadmill. So far so good with my knee, no pain but I can tell that my leg is a bit tired. I need to spend some conscious time tomorrow working on my walk around the house–with the “snow days” I haven’t been doing as much walking on a daily basis.

So that’s the latest here. We are in the homestretch of the 27 day challenge. Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Thanks so much for reading and continuing to support me on this new chapter of my life.

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