No Such Thing As Impossible

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20130318-191537.jpgOne of the fun parts of training is getting to participate in some great charity rides. This weekend I participated in the 5th Annual “No Such Thing As Impossible” bike ride benefiting Wheels to Succeed–a program that helps to provide bikes for children with physical disabilities. They had a 10, 40, and 75 mile option–I opted for the 40 mile ride. It was a great ride through the hills on a beautiful Spring day complete with a sag stop about halfway to refuel.

Being that my day job is in the nonprofit world, I love it when a nonprofit puts on a fundraising activity that directly ties back to their mission–a bike ride to raise money for bikes. If you would like to know more about Wheels to Succeed and the awesome work they are doing in our community, check them out at or

Last week was a long week of training, so capping off the week with a fun ride for a good cause was just what I needed to help me appreciate the journey that I am on. During long weeks of training, I have found myself sometimes just getting the workouts done to check them off and not taking the time to reflect on what I am doing, to see the progress I have made, or to enjoy the experience. Getting outside on a different route with new people and seeing the kids enjoying their bikes this weekend all helped me to get back to a space where I can again find the joy in the journey.

I would love to hear how you deal with the weeks where training becomes more of a chore than something you get to do. Are you signed up for any upcoming charity rides or runs?

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