Staying Accountable

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a glimpse of the new training peaks iphone app!

August is about accountability in my training. If you missed my post declaring that, feel free to check it out here. Since it’s already more than halfway through the month, I figured I should give you an update.

I have been able to complete every workout in the last couple of weeks and most on the days they were scheduled, too. The last two weeks of training have been very solid and I’m pretty happy about that. I even pulled out my trainer this week to get a ride in before dawn on a day that Mother Nature wasn’t planning on giving us blue skies. Highlights over the past couple of weeks include a great 3000 yard swim last week and and a strong 4.5 hour ride last weekend (on my new bike!)

It’s very fun to open up my training peaks account and see all the green! By the way, have you checked out the new upgrade to the training peaks iphone app?! It’s an awesome improvement! If you don’t have an online training calendar, then check out training peaks. I have used it for the past several years with a couple different coaches, so I have a ton of data in there. The way I use it, my coach will upload my training calendar for the week on Sunday. As I complete workouts, I either manually upload the data regarding the workout or I upload my garmin file which then plugs all the numbers in the right place. I get an email reminder each morning at 3 a.m. (a time I picked to make sure it was in my inbox before I wake up) with the current day and next day’s workouts. When I complete a workout the way it is written, it then turns green. If I don’t complete a workout, it will turn red. A workout that is not quite done right will turn yellow. Therefore, we strive to have a green calendar! So not only do I have you to keep me accountable, but I also have my training peaks account.

I have gotten some great feedback and support after my last couple of posts. Just wanted to say thanks to those who have commented either online or in person. I love knowing you are all in my cheering section as I take on this big hairy audacious goal of mine to complete an Ironman. I am still in awe of this goal, but each day I feel like I am getting stronger and more ready to take on the challenge. You’re the best!!!


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