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I can. I will. I did! – IRONMAN Chattanooga race report #imchoo

I’ve put if off long enough… time to get to writing the #IMCHOO race report. Not putting it off because of lack of desire to share the story, but it’s really hard to… Continue reading

Why Tri

Been an interesting couple of weeks for me on my road to the Ironman. I felt really good after our trip up to Chattanooga to preview the course (read more about that trip… Continue reading

How did this whole triathlon thing start?

To me it’s an interesting story, so I figured I would share it. In case you want the short answer, you are welcome to skip down to the last paragraph where I sum… Continue reading

Knee Post Op Update: Part 1

Let me first start by saying that I am in very high spirits, and I have every right to be. The biopsy came back saying that indeed it was a giant cell tumor… Continue reading

Cheerleaders Needed

Wow, what a week it has been! I had a great week of training last week and was ready to follow it up with another. As you may know from my last post,… Continue reading

Nothing like a race

Nothing like a race to see how your training is going.  This weekend I ran in the second annual Cane Field Classic–a four mile run thru a cane field here in South Louisiana. … Continue reading

More Than You Think is Mental

My planner has a goals list and a to do list for every week. Since I started my training plan, my number one goal has been my 30 minute 5K. My goal race… Continue reading