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Happy’s 5000–my first post surgery 5K

If you are a runner in Baton Rouge, then you’ve most likely attended the Happy’s 5000 road race as it draws close to 1000 runners. Being a night race downtown on the weekend,… Continue reading

Day 25: Look Mom, No Harness

Before reading would you take a moment and vote for me to win a free Ironman entry at http://bit.ly/1flSLJY. Thank you very much. Today was a big day…I am happy to announce that today… Continue reading

Day 3: One Step, One Foot at a Time

There will be a lot of firsts to come in the next several weeks as I get back to doing things that were once a normal and regular part of my life, so… Continue reading

Days 1 and 2 of WALKING!!!

It’s been three months since I have gone shopping somewhere other than a grocery store, so what does this girl do when she is told she can walk without a crutch? Go shopping!… Continue reading

Good News and More Good News

I had my 3 month follow up the surgeon yesterday. As I am sure you could tell in my last post, I have been a bit anxious leading up to this week’s doctor… Continue reading

Crawl Before You Walk

It’s amazing the things we take for granted in life…until one day they are suddenly taken away. For me it’s been walking. I haven’t walked unassisted since the morning of October 7, 2013,… Continue reading