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Blast from the past: IMNOLA 57.2

Ran across this old race report from Facebook the other day. Thought it would be fun to share as it was my first participation in a half Ironman as a relay. Fun to… Continue reading

Hello 2013 season

Yesterday was my first race of the season–Oxbow Triathlon in New Roads, Louisiana. Boy, do I enjoy race season. It’s fun to be out at the local races a couple of weekends a… Continue reading

Rouge Orleans in Pics

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, figured I should show you the fun we had. Check out these pics from Rouge Orleans. If you would prefer to read about Rouge Orleans,… Continue reading

Why Relay?

Rouge Orleans 2012 was my second ultra marathon relay. I remember thinking after last year’s race that it was fun but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a 6 man team… Continue reading

My Legs of Rouge Orleans

I was the first runner in our rotation so I got to start the race–woohoo! (Last year I was fifth which was difficult because the race started and I still had several hours… Continue reading

Rouge Orleans: part 1

Wow! What an adventure! One blog post will never do it justice, so stay tuned for the next couple days to hear about the ultra marathon relay from the past couple days. Rouge… Continue reading

Lots to catch up on…

…but it’s not going to be right now, as I am packing for Rouge-Orleans Ultra-marathon relay! My six man team will run 126.2 miles down the levee of the Mississippi River beginning at… Continue reading