Learning from a step back

When you are working towards a tough goal, you are gonna have a step back every so often. But if you can learn from that step in the wrong direction, then it’s worthwhile…or… Continue reading

More Than You Think is Mental

My planner has a goals list and a to do list for every week. Since I started my training plan, my number one goal has been my 30 minute 5K. My goal race… Continue reading

Running Update: Time to Celebrate Progress

In my race report from Santa Rosa, I made a comment that progress is addicting. I think that is one of the things that compels athletes to continue progressing along. Throughout my short… Continue reading

Race Report: Santa Rosa Island Triathlon

Below is my race report from the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon on Saturday, October 1. It is a good practice to write a race report after a race to remember the things you… Continue reading

Chatting on Twitter: Easier than You Think

After getting your feet wet on Twitter, it’s important to find some friends to build your follower base.  A great way to do this is to participate in a chat on Twitter.  Chats… Continue reading

Review: Wheaties Fuel Energy Bites

It was Member Appreciation Day at the Y today and in the lobby there was a basket full of goodies for members to take. I grabbed one of these: Figured I would try… Continue reading


For two seasons, I was a coach for Girls on the Run–a program that educates and prepares preteen girls for a lifetime of self respect and healthy living.  One of the end goals… Continue reading

Fight the Temptation: Make a Page Not a Profile!

Do you have a business or non-profit organization that needs a presence on Facebook? If you have a business or non-profit that isn’t on Facebook, then your answer is Yes! Long ago (which… Continue reading

Learning to Run…Again

I started running three years ago.  I have wanted to be a runner for a long time, to be able to walk out the front door and run.  It seemed so easy–how difficult… Continue reading

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your daily footwear choices are so important so I took the heels out of regular rotation in my wardrobe.  I do love a cute heel, but I can pinpoint the most intense pain… Continue reading