Book Review: Slow Fat Triathlete

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Are you new to the world of triathlon? Maybe thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for a race next season? Looking for some straight talk about the life of a triathlete written in plain English? Then you are sure to enjoy “Slow Fat Triathlete”.  I ordered this book during my off season training last year, hoping to get a little inspiration with some chuckles–I got that and so much more!

The other triathlon books on my shelf are littered with phrases like “VO2 Max” and “anaerobic threshold” while Jayne Williams waxes on about “starting the day with an icy plunge, followed by hours of getting chilled, dizzy, hot, chafed, sweaty, blistered, and exhausted…”   Also, my triathlon magazines have pics of bikes with components I can’t name, while my favorite pic in the book has a girl on couch practicing her “visualization”.

Chapter 7 especially written for those that “love” triathletes was a great addition to the book and should be passed along to any significant others and spouses before you enter your first race.  With tips on where to spectate and the proper things to say to encourage the triathlete will help in some of those race day blunders that can add stress to both the racer and their supporters.

I also appreciate her candidness that it’s not always an easy road–long hours of training, injuries, not to mention the actual triathlon which can take anywhere between 1 to 17 hours! But that it can also be a lot of fun!  Some of that fun is found in training groups, friends made, goals accomplished, and boundaries pushed.

Most of all, I appreciate the reinforcement that this sport is not just for the fast, petite and elite, but the slow fat triathlete can also compete.  That’s a message that the back of the back age grouper needs to hear!

What books have inspired you along your fitness journey?

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