My Legs of Rouge Orleans

I was the first runner in our rotation so I got to start the race–woohoo! (Last year I was fifth which was difficult because the race started and I still had several hours… Continue reading

Rouge Orleans: part 1

Wow! What an adventure! One blog post will never do it justice, so stay tuned for the next couple days to hear about the ultra marathon relay from the past couple days. Rouge… Continue reading

Lots to catch up on…

…but it’s not going to be right now, as I am packing for Rouge-Orleans Ultra-marathon relay! My six man team will run 126.2 miles down the levee of the Mississippi River beginning at… Continue reading

It’s about connections

Last week I spent some time talking to a local small business who had taken the plunge into social media, but hadn’t had a lot of engagement, yet.  When doing a little research… Continue reading

Welcome to the family

Today is a big day as we officially welcome a new bike into the family! He or she who has yet to be named is a beautiful Specialized Roubaix that I bought at… Continue reading

A month into training

Can’t believe that I am already a month into training! WOW! It’s been a crazy month full of ups and downs both in training and outside of it. To say the least, life… Continue reading

Book Review: Slow Fat Triathlete

Are you new to the world of triathlon? Maybe thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for a race next season? Looking for some straight talk about the life of a triathlete… Continue reading

Taking a Knee

Week 2 of 20 is in the books! Can’t believe this week is over…so glad. Didn’t quite go as planned as the middle of the week came with some pain in my knee… Continue reading

1 Down, 19 to Go!

Today begins week 2 of my half ironman training–woohoo!  I have been anxiously awaiting getting back into training for a while.  While I have enjoyed my running adventure this fall, I do like… Continue reading

Marathon Medal Monday

Today we have a guest post from my friend Renee (@rgibson0316) who started running about the same time I did but in a different city.  It’s been fun to watch her progress over… Continue reading