A Golden Race

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It’s been a while since my last post and I do apologize for that. Been traveling a lot in the past couple weeks and while I did have some adventures that I may share with you eventually, today (November 19) was a race and this blog is about running…so let’s talk about the race–Goldenfliers 5 miler.

The plan for today was to run the first mile no faster than 12:00 min, then run the next three between 11:45 and 10:45, and run the last mile with whatever was left.

To make sure I didn’t go out too fast, I found a friend to run the first mile with–thanks Susan! It was really fun to run that first mile, my breathing was not labored and I had a spring in my step. Felt like I could run forever at that pace. We stayed right at 12:00 and it felt good. When we hit the first mile I said goodbye to Susan and stepped it up a bit. I saw my friend Ellen a little bit in front of me. Tried to keep her in my sights the whole time–she is like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going. All was good until just after the three mile mark. Kinda hit a wall–not a big one but I became very aware that my run fitness has me easily running three miles and not a whole lot more. (Gonna work on that.) When I hit mile 5, I picked it up a bit or tried to. It hurt pretty bad but I kept going. Crossed the finish line in under and hour–which is a couple minutes faster than my five mile training runs and my first 5 mile race making it a Personal Record! Woohoo!

My mile splits are as follows:

  • mile 1) 11:59
  • mile 2) 11:39
  • mile 3) 11:40
  • mile 4) 11:48
  • mile 5) 11:41

I am very happy with my performance today–very excited about coming in under an hour! These are the days when I can see all the time and work I have put in focusing on running pay off.

Tomorrow is a bike ride up in the hills followed by a couple easy run days because the Turkey Trot is Thursday and I really want to do well at that!

Happy running!

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