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My new bike!

Today is a big day as we officially welcome a new bike into the family! He or she who has yet to be named is a beautiful Specialized Roubaix that I bought at The Bicycle Shop! I have to tell you that it was not an easy decision to make, but after a windy New Years Day test ride I decided he or she would fit right in with the rest of the family. Frankly, I think Captain America is looking forward to taking some time off–little does he know, that his destination is the trainer for those fun indoor winter workouts that will drive a person crazy. Let’s keep that our secret for the time being. The Roubaix will join Captain America (my current road bike) and my unnamed mountain bike to round out the number of bikes at 3, which really is the max capacity that the fire marshal would set at my house if he were ever to visit.

Captain America at NOLA 69.1


  1. He/She’s BEEEAAAUUUTIFUL!!!!!!! I am uber jealous! That is the bike I wanted last season but ended up getting one model down, Roubaix’s little brother, Secteur (basically the same but not carbon) because my mostly last place finishes didn’t justify the price LOL. I did have to change out from the stock Specialized seat to keep the lady parts happy but have been totally happy with it ever since. No disrespect to Captain America, but you are gonna see a huge difference this season. Have fun!!!!
    BTW, I found some super cute bike bags at http://www.kriegcycling.com/bike-bags.aspx Not a plug, just sharing…sounds like you treat your bike like I do, one of the family, so its gotta be cute!!!! 🙂

    1. Love those bags…thanks for the link. I, too, struggled with the cost of the bike since I am a back of the pack age-grouper, but I have my eye on longer distance races at this point and I’ll take all the help I can get. I have been putting money into an envelope each month to save up for this. I actually took my saddle off Captain America and have it on the Roubaix already. What saddle do you use? Took me a while to find one that I could be slightly comfortable on and it’s a Terry.

      1. Good for you! My seat is a Specialized still… it says Lithia and Body Geometry on it. It has a cut out area in the lady part area and at the back. Nothing gets numb anymore, I cannot believe how comfy it is. But every butt and seat has its own special match!

    1. I saw that you had a couple MTB races on your schedule the other day. I would actually love to get over to the Spillway trail 🙂 Let’s chat about that sometime this weekend–got some time along the levee 😉

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