The Color Run NOLA

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Billed as the happiest 5K on on the planet, The Color Run is one of the latest in a fad of themed runs/races. I signed up for this race in the Spring when registration first opened. The runs have been selling out across the country and I wanted to make sure I had the chance to experience this one.

With our registration we received a white color run t-shirt, a white color run bandana, a race number and a color packet. The whole idea is that you wear white and by the end of the race your clothes are filled with color. In reality your entire body is full of color–hair, face, clothes, ears, toes (yes, it gets in between your toes!) and more.

So what was it like? Well first off, there was a whole lot of walking going on for something with run in the title. Not judging at all, but it made it a bit more difficult for those of us who wanted to run–turned into a bit of an obstacle course having to run around folks and thru the grass. (Most of the course was on a two lane road and my suggestions to the race organizers would be to have a walking lane and a running lane–when run is in the title you expect to be able to run.) Every kilometer there was a color station where they would douse you with a different colored which was basically dyed flour.

Here’s a video of us going thru the yellow station. Note: if you get dizzy easily, you may not want to watch this.

At the finish line they had a stage from which they were playing some fun music. About every 20 minutes they would have a countdown and everyone that had color packets would release them into the air. It was pretty cool. We were close to the stage in the middle in the throng of people so for a couple minutes following the release the air was filled with color. It was very cool. I am pretty sure it was cool to watch from the outside as well.

All in all it was a fun time and if you are looking for a fun, silly run/walk go ahead and sign up. If you want to PR or run a 5K, you will want to skip it.


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