Rouge Orleans: part 1

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Wow! What an adventure! One blog post will never do it justice, so stay tuned for the next couple days to hear about the ultra marathon relay from the past couple days.

Rouge Orleans is a 126.2 mile ultra marathon that begins in Baton Rouge and ends in New Orleans and is run along the levee of the Mississippi River. You can choose to run RO as a solo runner or a team of two, three or six people. For the second year in a row, I have been on a six person team.

If you are not from around here the word levee may conjure up pictures of elaborate dams and structures, but that’s not the case. This will help you understand what we ran on–basically we ran along a rocky road on a hill next to the river 🙂 The levee runs thru a lot of farmland and industry but not much in between so it’s not the most scenic run–but 126.2 miles makes it epic!


My team “Running with My Gnomies” was made up of a group of women who I train with. 5 of us ran together last year and we had one awesome addition to our team to round out the 6. As a team, we really get into all aspects of the race–not just the running. There is a van decorating, costume and video contest as well and we spent many hours before the weekend prepping for those aspects of the race.

And I think it payed off…don’t we look adorable?!


More to come…


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