Annie’s favorites-March 2015

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I have been sharing some of my favorite things lately and at the top of my list is my dog Annie (pretty sure you already knew that!) Annie has her favorites as well and I figured I would share some of them with you.

1) Annie will not leave the house unless she is properly dressed in her collar. Lately Annie has been wearing a peach and baby blue fleur de lis number from NOLA Couture that we got this year at Hollydays. It’s very durable and has kept up well given our various outdoor activities.

2) Annie has a tendency to eat very fast. In order to make her meals last a little longer and to challenge her to use her smarts, we have three different “bowls” we use for feeding. She loves the chance to play and is always proud when she figures out how to get to the food. Plus there’s always a great reward for her in the end. The following links are to the three that we have in increasing order of difficulty:

3) My mom always told me to bring a jacket with me because you never know when you might get cold and of course I have passed that advice along to Annie. Her favorite is her Chilly Dog American Flag Dog Sweater. She looks adorable and patriotic in it–seriously needs to be in the next J. Crew catalog!

4 & 5) Every evening and some other moments of the day Annie plays with a toy we got from my mom (that I cannot find a link to so check out the pic below). When we initially got it Annie wasn’t that interested–it’s one of those chew toys (like a kong) that you put a treat inside and the dog needs to figure out how to get it out. I recently realized that her interest correlates more to the treat inside than the toy. Over the winter break we were given some salmon and chicken jerky for dogs and we sparked a new found interest in the purple toy when the jerky was put inside.

What are your dog’s fav things at the moment?

Check back again next month to see what has made it on to Annie’s favorites.



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