Friday Five: Five “Good” Things

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It’s Good Friday and there’s no better day to talk about good things. But instead of talking I figured I would show you because who doesn’t love to look at pictures!

1) of course at the top of the list is this cutie–my Annie! Shortly after Annie moved in I fully understood what a friend meant when he said he’s not sure who rescued who among his family which includes several rescue animals. Annie has been my buddy this past year–a year that was harder than I ever imagined it to be. But coming home to the unconditional love of Annie made all the difference in the world to my spirit. Here are some of my favorite recent pics of her. 



2) getting to lace up and run has been pretty amazing this week. I have learned over the past two years from battling a bone tumor and the recover afterwards (read more about that here) that you can’t take anything for granted–not even walking! So when I finally got the go ahead to start “running” again this week after battling some serious pain that last couple of months, I couldn’t contain the joy! 
3) Friends–I would never keep up this crazy life of training and racing if I didn’t have friends along on the adventure. I was struck by that again this morning when we all jumped into the lake covered in neoprene and swam thru the fog from buoy to buoy! I got train for and complete my first Ironman with these two amazing ladies and I am better for it.



4) Medals-Every finisher medal I have ever gotten has been a reminder that I can do more than I think I can. When I first started all of this training, I could barely make it thru a 5K. The medal from my first triathlon means just as much as this one from my Ironman this past fall.


5) it’s in some of the most unsuspecting places that I see the most beautiful things. I have talked before of my love for watching the sunrise in the pool, but I also love watching the sunset from an airplane. There is beauty all around us and we are most often too busy to see it…but when you make time, you will see some amazingly good things!



***Again this week I am trying something new and linking up with other running bloggers writing about their Friday Five hosted by Cynthia from You Signed Up for What, Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar from Mar on the Run.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous pictures – love the ones of your sweet dog! The Ironman and triathalons alike are pretty impressive! Congrats to you! And I definitely agree, having friends to run and train with is possibly the best thing that ever happened to my fitness regime 🙂

  2. Annie is super adorable! I am sure she brings much joy to your household! Your pictures are gorgeous. That is so super cool that you completed an Ironman! That’s quite an accomplishment. Enjoy training again – I am sure you are excited to be back on the streets! Take care and have a spectacular weekend!

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