Annie’s Favorites–the December Edition!

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It has been a while since we have shared the latest and greatest making Annie’s list of favs. With it being the howliday season, we thought we would share what she’s been munching on and playing with in case you were looking for something for your four legged friend.

  1. A recent addition to our house is the Plush Dog Toy Squirrel with 3 Squeakers. It is made by a fellow GSP owner so I was in the know about this toy even before it hit the market. We ordered the first chance we could as we do love to chase squirrels and it is so lifelike. In addition, the three squeakers are a big plus as Annie loves to squeak her toys in between the shake and the chase.
  2. If you have followed the life of my Annie, you know the dog loves to snuggle. And her Zack & Zoey Fleece Lined Red Hooded Sweatshirt is the perfect outfit for snuggling and looking adorable. In addition it adds a thick layer of warmth for this shorthaired dog. We love to wear it around the howlidays and call her Santa Paws.
  3. Annie takes medicine everyday and the one thing that has made it easier for us has been the use of Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs-Duck and Pea Flavor. We tried everything from peanut butter to wet food and the one thing that has worked over the long haul has been the pill pockets. In fact, I’m pretty sure Annie thinks she’s getting a treat–she comes running anytime she hears a pill bottle shake.
  4. You may remember the purple toy from this post and how I mentioned that her love for the toy is related to what is put inside. We have found something else to put inside that she goes bonkers over–Prairie Dog Smoked Duck Jerky. Bird dog loves her some duck!
  5. We saved the best for last…well, the best in Annie’s mind. The Good Lovin’ Beef Wrapped Jerky Rolls Dog Chews are her current favorite and I like them, too, because it will keep her occupied for the longest amount of time. If I need to ride the trainer or do some work, this is what I give her to keep her occupied for a while.
Annie in her Red Hooded Sweatshirt

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