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IIMG_3326 need to apologize to you if we have interacted in the last month or so. I’ve been in a lot of pain. A friend said it best yesterday when she said pain turns everything a shade of grey. It knocks those rose colored glasses off your face and replaces them with something that takes the color away. The last time I posted anything about my knee I was doing well. Trying to get back into things. But something happened. And the pain started. Still not completely sure what happened to bring the pain on, but the pain was bad and pretty constant and took a lot of the color from my world. It was not the good kind of pain that lets you know you had a great workout and are getting stronger, it was the bad kind of pain that lingers and gets in the way of your everyday activities like walking to a meeting, driving to work, and cleaning around the house. I saw the ortho doc and he said nothing is wrong with the bone–thank God! So he put me on some anti-inflammatories and I started back at Physical Therapy. After a couple weeks of that not making things better, I went back to see the ortho doc and we decided to try a cortisone shot and a different anti-inflammatory. On day 1, things were great…one day 2, it hurt even more than before the shot, but on day 3, there was no pain and I haven’t had pain in my knee since! In the next couple of days I get to test out some swimming and biking to see how that goes. And hoping I can get back to training very soon. So If we have interacted in the last month, I am sorry if I wasn’t attentive, cheerful or positive. But the grey tinted classes are gone and have been replaced by a ray of sunshine. Look out world, the comeback is back on!


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