Six Months

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Today marks six months since the surgery I had to remove the giant cell tumor from my femur. It’s quite surreal. I still remember that day very vividly, in fact my life right now is marked by the days before September 18, 2013–the day Dr. Pope found the tumor, the days after October 7, 2013–the day Dr. Munson took the tumor out, and the days in between which were filled with lots of tests, lots of doctor visits, lots of worry and the Augusta 70.3. Even now, it’s hard not to be emotional as I think about that time. But I thank God that particular part of the journey is behind me.

So many people have come along on this journey with me–some by choice and some by proximity–and I wanted to take a change to say thank you to some of them who have helped me to get to this big milestone of six months:

My parents have been an amazing support. From helping me to get an appointment with Dr. Munson at Emory, to taking care of me at their home after my surgery, to then driving me back home and staying with me until I got everything in place here. Those days right after surgery, I was a mess especially with all the itching and spots, but my parents were amazingly patient and kind and caring. I’m so lucky to have them in my life and I know I don’t say it enough out loud, so take this as me shouting it from the rooftops!

Dr. Munson and his team at Emory Orthopedics and Spine Center have been so reassuring about every step of this process. They didn’t laugh off my dreams of the Ironman when I told them that was important to me and when I said I wanted to do one a year after my surgery. Every time I have a visit the office, I have a long list of questions that all get answered before I walk out the door. They take their time in making sure that I understand the next step in the process. In addition, they did a pretty amazing job on my leg–you can totally see it on the x-rays and in the progress I have been able to make post surgery.

Baton Rouge Physical Therapy-Lake has been like my recovery office for the past six months–where I go to get the hard work done. Every time I walk in the door I am greeted by a friendly face who is a partner in my recovery. While my appointments are usually with Greg LeBlanc, each person on staff from those who schedule appointments and process my insurance to those that help me through my exercises is a partner in my recovery. All the support in such a positive atmosphere makes healing and strengthening much easier.

My many friends who listened, helped, drove, delivered, baked, loaned and gifted me with so much…Anne, Jeff, Christine, Angi, Susan, Sandra, ME, Liz, Damian, Mark, Chris, Nancy, Melenny, Jeff, Hydie, Scott, Lisa, Laura, Gabby…and the list goes on and on. Thank you for the ways you made my life easier.

To the many cheerleaders and prayer warriors near and far, you have been amazing. The support I have received thru the blog, facebook and twitter have been pretty amazing. People may scoff at social media, but I have first hand seen it’s positive power in the past six months. So many good people out there, just a click away.

Just like an acceptance speech, I am sure I am missing someone, and not by choice. I am limited by the recollection of my memory, but not the sincerity of my heart. While we are at six months, the journey is not over, yet. Thanks for your commitment to be there for the long haul. My next appointment at Emory is next week. Fingers crossed the MRI and x-rays shows continued healing of the bone, no complications and no again no more bone tumor!

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  1. Your recovery has been amazing and an inspiration to all. Honored to be a small part of the process. Keep up the good work!

    Greg and staff.

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