Compare and Contrast

I know I already posted the pic of my x-ray from last week, but I didn’t realize just how much things had progressed until yesterday when my PT and I compared it with some of the old x-rays I had on my phone.

The above pic shows the x-ray right out of surgery on the left, one 6 weeks later in the middle, and the most recent one on the right taken at 6 months. It’s easy to see the healing that has taken place when you put them side by side, especially with the piece of bone they took off to get at the tumor on the inside.

I love the pictures I get back from my visits because it gives me a glimpse of the inside–the things I hope are taking place but can only go by faith that they are. It’s pretty amazing what the body can do when given the opportunity. A lesson I have not only learned through this journey, but also from my crazy, big dreaming friends.  We may not have been made to run 100 miles at a time or swim 32, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

I have been a bit frustrated lately that my body hasn’t bounced back to my pre-surgery fitness. But recently I was watching my legs in the mirror while “running” on the treadmill  and realized that even a month ago I would not have been able to do that. It’s in these moment that I look back and put things in perspective about where I have come from that I see the progress and success instead of looking at how far I still have to go.