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One of the things that delights my soul is to give that perfect gift. I don’t always get it right, but when I do, it’s so much fun. It flows from my gifts of Individualization and Connectedness as identified by the Clifton Strengths Finder (click here for more info on this amazing assessment). I have toyed with the idea of doing some personal shopping as a side hustle especially around the holidays but this holiday season it just isn’t going to happen…so instead I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gifts to give and vendors to use in hopes that you can find that perfect gift yourself. This weekly post leading up to Christmas will include some out of the box ideas and some tried and true traditions to hopefully spark some ideas for you as you seek out that perfect gift for the ones you love.

1. Charm bracelet: My mother has a charm bracelet and when I was growing up I used to take it out of her jewelry box and ask her about the charms–in a way it was a glimpse into her life story. I loved that idea and so when my nieces were young, I got them a charm bracelet and have been giving them charms each Christmas that capture something about the year. It can easily be used to mark many different kinds of milestones. Do you have a marathon runner in the family? You can give charms for their different races. A world traveler? Charms for the places they have visited. A new mother? Charms for each child. The possibilities are endless.

2. Anything from Happy Notes Paper Co.: I recently found this store at a Holiday market and I seriously could have bought one of everything…I really did try. I ended up bringing home some (maybe more like a lot of) great notecards, a coffee mug, and a canvas tote. I was also eyeing their party cups, notepads, journals and stickers. With their fun colors and sayings, this store is the perfect place to get something for that glass half full kinda person who is naturally cheering on everyone else in their life and may forgo treating them self in the process.

3. The perfect travel pillow: I’ve tried several and they have have not lasted long but I recently stumbled upon the trtl travel pillow and I’m done with all the rest. If you have a traveler on your shopping list, this is a great gift. Comes in several different colors and can be purchased on Amazon for fast delivery.

Hope these three get your juices flowing. I will be bringing more to you attention in the coming days. In the meantime, what are some of your favorite gifts to give?

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