2019…it’s a new year!

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I am a big fan of using the new year to think about vision, goals, and dreams…and, I am a big fan of setting big goals and dreaming big. I remember playing a game at my grandparents’ house growing up called “Shoot the Moon” and it has stuck with me for all of my life because when you shoot for the moon and don’t quite make it, you still land in the stars.

The work that I do every day is more developmental in nature and rarely project based. As a result, it is often hard to see progress and the work is rarely “finished”. This is part of the reason that I was drawn to running and then to triathlon in the begining–it was cathartic to follow a several week training plan, in the end cross a finish line, and then move on to the next plan for the next race.

The changing of the year is a natural time to add in some structure to vision, goals, and dreams in order to better see progress towards those things. I am excited about the new year and the themes that have been presenting themselves to me. Courage is a word that has been popping up in my life lately–so I have embraced that as my word for 2019. How will it manifest itself? I have some ideas/specific goals which I will share with you soon, and they revolve around the ideas of health, strength, and wholeness.

I would love to hear about what your vision, goals, and dreams are for 2019. Do you have a word, theme, or mantra that has been showing up in your life? I would love to support you as you strive for more.

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