Thanksgiving, more than a day

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Every November I embark on an intentional moment of thankfulness each day. I post it on Facebook to keep myself accountable to the daily practice. I want to be someone who gives thanks every day. Being intentional during the month of November helps to renew that exercise as it generally gets lost in the months in between. I have much to be thankful for which at times made it difficult to pick just one. I wanted to capture these moments of thankfulness for the entire month (which I know is not over, yet…I will update the rest at the end of the month) here more for myself than anyone else. One of the hashtags that I used with my daily practice was #morethanaday. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving itself is only one day, I want that feeling of thankfulness and gratitude to be ever present.

With that said, here are my moments of thankfulness…

Nov. 23: Today I am thankful to have spent the holiday with my family making new memories that we will laugh about for years to come.

Nov. 22: Today I am thankful for how technology facilitates staying in tough with friends and family scattered throughout the world.

Nov. 21: Today I am thankful for urban planners who have a vision for connected, safe, and active communities.

Nov. 20: Today I am thankful for the public library system and parents who instilled its importance at an early age.

Nov. 19: Today I am thankful for friends who dream big.

Nov. 18: Today I am thankful for familiar things.

Nov. 17: Today I am thankful for the healers in the world…those who heal with their hands, their words, or their hearts…you always have my admiration.

Nov. 16: Today I am thankful for long drives that end at home and a four legged buddy riding shotgun.

Nov. 15: Today I am thankful for the roof over my head and the cute house that holds it up.

Nov. 14: Today I am thankful for time spent underwater.

Nov. 13: Today I am thankful for friends who are colleagues and colleagues who have become friends.

Nov. 12: Today I am thankful for blank pages on which I get to write my own story.

Nov. 11: Today I am thankful for green grass, blue skies, and the cool breeze that required an extra blanket last night.

Nov. 10: Today I am thankful for my dad for so many reasons that I cannot begin to list them all. I recently interviewed him for a class project I did on leadership and when I asked him what he was most proud of he said he was proud of the success of those he had mentored in the profession–he viewed his success as a leader directly tied to that of those in whom he had invested his time, energy, and talents in shaping as professionals in the field. Today, on his birthday, on a day people are observing Veterans Day around the country, this former JAG Officer is going to to an event to honor other veterans because that’s just who he is. All this and I haven’t even told you he got a hole in one this week at Hilton Head! Happy Birthday, Dad.

Nov. 9: Today I am thankful for the honey creamed latte at Magpie Cafe.

Nov. 8: Today I am thankful for a specific encouraging phone conversation I had today. Hung up feeling empowered, appreciated, and excited about the future.

Nov. 7: Today I am thankful for chips and salsa.

Nov. 6: Today I am thankful for my amazing classmates in the higher education doctoral program at Azusa Pacific University.

Nov. 5: Today (& everyday) I’m thankful for my sweet Annie and all the love and adventures she has brought into my life.

Nov. 4: Today I am thankful for bike and with whom to ride.

Nov. 3: Today I am thankful to volunteer alongside some amazing women in the Junior League of Baton Rouge.

Nov. 2: Today I am thankful for new neighbors in my new neighborhood.

Nov. 1: Today I am thankful for the chance to reconnect with an old acquaintance by chance today.

What are you thankful for this year? How do you hold yourself accountable to giving thanks on a regular basis?

My two nieces and my nephew being super silly on Thanksgiving in the family photo.

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