Happy Second Gotcha Day, Annie

It’s been two years since I got my four legged roommate, Annie–a day that changed my life forever. Annie quite easily is the best dog ever (sorry to all the other furmoms who think they have the best dog). She may look at me quizzically when I tell her to come, but it’s only because she’s so advanced that she’s going thru her decision tree to see if this version of come will result in a treat or her getting put in the crate.

She also has a few superpowers that we don’t like to brag about like the ability to grow overnight in a human bed. When she goes to sleep she is a medium sized puppy in tucked tightly in a ball with the smallest footprint, but come morning time she is a huge starfish-like T-Rex taking up the ENTIRE bed leaving no room for anyone else and sometimes even having to hang her head off the bed because there’s just not enough room for all of her, either!

She also has the superpower of farting. You may not see this as a superpower but only because you haven’t been using your farts for good. If Annie wants some time to herself, all she needs to do is fart and it clears the room…honestly, it clears the whole house–no more need for an exterminator, just let Annie fart and all little critters will die.

Another one of her amazing superpowers is the power of snuggling. It’s crazy to see this girl get comfortable in the most unlikely of situations. Are you packing and have stuff all over your bed? No worries, Annie will lay on it and fall asleep. Do you have water bottles in your car cup holders? No worries, Annie will use them as pillows.

Her most amazing superpower though is the one to make people smile. Annie will do everything she knows just to get a smile out of people–whether it’s splashing in the baby pool or playing with boulders instead of sticks at the dog park, doing her party trick of jumping up on picnic tables, running thru mud puddles, chasing ducks in lakes, wearing her awesome costumes about town, she goes out of her way to make smiles happen. She has made me smile every day since she moved in and for that I am forever grateful.

in her LSU football jersey

snuggling in the car

splashing at the dog park

also snuggling in the car

enjoying a puppy latte

t-rexing in the bed

sleeping on things i’m trying to pack