Friday Five: Spring Favorites

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IMG_3503Winter can be slow, windy and wet around here (notice I didn’t actually say cold because I know compared to the rest of the U.S. It is not actually very cold down here.) Just when you get a taste of Spring, Winter rears its ugly head again as if to remind us of its power. But when Winter finally gives way to Spring, it’s just a short time until Summer so we must enjoy the fun of Spring while it lasts. Following are five of my favorite things about Spring:

1) Rides after work: I love riding after work. Around here there are several regular pm rides to jump onto which means lots of folks on the road. I’ve never been a huge group rider, especially in the past couple of years because my speed can be unpredictable given my knee and recovery. But there is one ride that I love that ends in wine at sunset–could there be anything better than that?!!

IMG_35052) Open Water Swims: With the temps warming up it means we get to swim in open water, albeit covered in neoprene, but open water nonetheless. One of the great advantages to living down south is that we get to be in the water sooner than my friends to the north so there is lots of time to get comfortable in the water again by race day. I do kind of start over each year getting relaxed in open water, but each year my acclimation time gets shorter and shorter.

3) Riding in the Hills: More sun means we head for the hills for some of our long weekend rides where there is a lot more shade. We start just before the sun comes up and travel the roads week after week until they become familiar again. Often times there is a soundtrack, sometimes there is crying but there are always smiles, laughs and good times with friends.

4) Sunrise swims: I have posted about my love for sunrise swims before, but get ready for more because they are a favorite of mine in the springtime. It’s so fun to jump in the pool when it’s dark and jump out when it’s light and to watch the sky in between bring forth an array of different colors. It really makes the long straight swim sets worth it.

5) Running outside: There is a short period of time down here that running outside is bearable. We go from being cold and wet to sticky hot and humid in a matter of a couple of weeks–but those couple of weeks are magical. Spring is my favorite time to run outside. You know when those couple of weeks are here because everyone is out enjoying the outdoors before the mosquitoes became big enough to carry away a small dog or child.

So welcome Spring! And please stay for as long as you would like!

What are your favorite things about Spring?

***Again this week I am trying something new and linking up with other running bloggers writing about their Friday Five hosted by Cynthia from You Signed Up for What, Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar from Mar on the Run.


  1. I’m looking forward to the warmer water temperatures! I’m going to have to try that sunrise swim. It sounds magical. I’ve been doing masters swim and we go in when its dark and it’s starting to get light out when we leave. I bet it’s amazing when you’re outside.

  2. I found your post from the link up! I’m also looking forward to running outside soon (it snowed yesterday) and all of the spring races! The swimming sounds great, too, but I’m scared of fish and know I would panic in open water.

  3. Thanks for linking up!! Great list. I’m looking forward to all the races 🙂 I run more in the spring and shut it down in the summer. Love this season, as soon as winter decides it wants to stop crashing the party!

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