Friday Five: Favorites for Running

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Do you have your favorite running accessories? Those that no matter what you throw on to run. Almost like a beard in the World Series, they have become that much a part of your routine, some may say you are superstitious about them. Today I am going to let you in on my five.

1) Headsweats visor: I love wearing a Headsweats visor while running, in fact you will rarely see me in anything else. My head gets too hot for a hat and a hairband just doesn’t cut it on a sweaty long run. The Headsweats visor is the perfect combo of sweatband and hairband with some shade on my face as a bonus. I think I have one by each door and in every room in my house just in case a need would arise for one.

2) Newtons kicks: When I first started running, we would watch the really fast people at local races and noticed that always had really colorful running shoes. It became the joke that if we looked fast we could be fast, so gone went the boring blah colored shoes. Now my cubbie of shoes is full of color and the current favorites are my women’s motion III by Newton Running.

3) Nathan Strobe Light: Since we haven’t yet done the “Spring forward” thing (but totally excited it’s happening this weekend) it’s still a necessity to light up when running outside. Both my running buddy (see below) and I get decked out in reflective gear and our strobe lights when headed out for a run or long walk. Would so much rather be annoyingly bright than the possibilities of what can happen when you aren’t seen. I swear it also makes the run a whole lot more fun!

4) RoadID: It’s important to have some kind of identification with you while out for a run, but where can you even put your drivers license if you wanted to bring it?! That’s why the Road ID is perfect as you can wear it on your shoe, ankle, wrist or around your neck. I actually wear my Road ID slim 24/7–if I never take it off then I will never forget it.IMG_3319

5) My running buddy: Annie (my sweet 7.5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer) won’t let me walk out the door without her for a walk or run. She keeps a keen eye on my running shoes and starts gleefully turning in circles at the door when I begin to put them on. Out on the road she pushes me to run a little faster and gives me someone to talk to as the miles get long. We both have much better days when we run together, especially when we run in the morning. Don’t you just love the pic?! We had just finished taking a stroll on the levee and you see how happy she is!

So what are your favorite running accessories? And who is your running buddy?


Today I am trying something new and linking up with other running bloggers writing about their Friday Five via “You’ve Signed up for What?


  1. I like your running buddy the best. My favorite running accessory this week is my hat from PEP fitness. I avctually just bought a second so that I’d never have to miss a run with one because it was in the wash.

    1. My running buddy is pretty cool and available to be loaned out on occasion 🙂 I will have to check out that hat. And great idea to have two!!

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