Excited in Galveston

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Six months ago I was getting ready to have surgery to remove the tumor from my femur in two days…right now I am packing my transition bag for my first triathlon since my surgery. Just as in my last one (Augusta), I will only be swimming and biking, but who would have thought 6 months post surgery I would be competing in a half ironman distance race–while I had hoped and dreamed about it, I was never quite sure it would happen.
I just love being in the race atmosphere. We triathletes are quite a crew! Where else can you walk around in pink compression socks and not get get your pic posted on the people of walmart?!!
So glad to be making this journey with friends. Amy and I drove out together and been having so much fun; she will be running the last leg of the relay tomorrow so our team can actually cross the finish line. We had dinner tonight with our coach and other Freshjunkie teammates. And tomorrow we will have the BR Tri flag flying in the tri club village and meet up with other from Baton Rouge.
So here’s to my first race post surgery!
Excited in Galveston


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