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Still lamenting the time lag between my last set of blog posts and this set. I have been writing, it’s just that nothing made it from my notepad to my blog–I still really do love a pen and paper, kind of like how some people still read books 😉 But in order to set the world right, I will update you on some of the bigger milestones that happened between now and then. If you are my friend on Facebook, follow me on twitter or catch my Instagram feed, you may have heard about these as they happened.

  • 20140404-044952.jpgI finally got to walk on the treadmill without the unweighting harness. Boy, was that a great day! I worked up to 20 minutes at 3 miles per hour.
  • We started running on the trampoline before running on the road. Running in place on the mini-trampoline is still a part of my physical therapy routine. We started with 3 minutes, but have worked up to 8. It’s been great and has really helped to strengthen my right hip.
  • For a while there, we were taping pretty aggressively and frequently around the patella for more stability. We have backed off to once a week due to some skin irritation (go figure, right?!) but it seems to help.
  • I was given a gift of compression boots that I can wear after exercise and really whenever I want to help combat the increased swelling due to increased activity.
  • Stairs finally stopped being weird and I am able to walk up and down them without having to take them one at a time.
  • I started small amounts of running around the ides of March and then progressed to the Couch to 5K program with my first 5K race set for March 3.
  • Got reacquainted with hills on my bike.
  • Speaking of the bike, I am finally able to power it out a bit on the bike even into the wind on river road. Had a great 33 mile ride averaging 17ish miles per hour this weekend. 🙂

So I think that catches you up on the majors. We are approaching 6 months post surgery and my next MRI/x-ray appointment is this month so there will be lots to share in the next few weeks, but overall, I am pretty much amazed every day at the things I get to do again!



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