Day 19: 8 Months to Ironman Chattanooga (IMCHOO)

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Today marks eight months until Ironman Chattanooga. The day would have come and gone without me realizing that fact had it not been for someone’s post on Facebook.

I remember where I was in training the weeks before I signed up–had been on some really good long rides both in the hills and the flats, was dropping my times as I was building up my long swims to 2+ miles, and while running hurt I was still getting in some good runs. I felt like I was on a good trajectory for a good race and knew I already wanted to do it all over again. I had talked to some other folks who were planning on signing up and it looked to be a fun crew. Plus, I have some friends in Chattanooga that have always said to find a race and come visit (they know I am more likely to make the trip if there is a race involved–they know me so well). I had seen some chatter about the race online and I had a sneaking suspicion that it might end up selling out pretty quickly. Poised and ready for registration to open up at 11 a.m. I even moved a meeting back 15 minutes so I knew I would be able to finish registration before it started. By 11:05, I had registered and was checking in to see who else got in. Here I was not even having finished my first Ironman and already signed up for my second. I was so excited.

Well as you know a lot has changed since then, but Ironman Chattanooga remains on my calendar this year as my A race–the one that takes precedence over all the others, but it has a different meaning and purpose for me now. No longer is it the next big race on my list, but it’s the goal helping me to heal, the reason to get back to full strength, and my chance to prove that this stupid bone tumor has only made me stronger. And it was with this spirit that I hopped on my bike trainer this evening and logged an hour of saddle time.


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