Dropped a crutch

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Breaking news–I dropped a crutch! Let me clarify that statement, dropping my crutches is not the news as I do that every day. At some point in the day I hear this noise that has now become all too familiar–it’s the sound of the crutches sliding down from the place where they had been propped, a sound that crescendos into a cacophony when they fall to the ground and bounce around. By dropping a crutch, it means I only have to use one…YAY! Now, of course it is dependent upon tolerating pain (which I don’t have much of) and crowds (so at the mall that I frequent so much I will use both) and the safety of my surrounding (I am well known for off roading).

If you have never used crutches you might not know that when using only one crutch, it is placed under the arm of the side of your body opposite of your injury. You are supposed to walk normally, but use that crutch to help you balance and support. I am still having a bit of trouble walking normally–I look like I should have had a V8 as I lean a bit too much on the crutch. But with time and more confidence, I am sure that will all even out.

As I posted the other day, I am walking a lot at physical therapy on the unweighted treadmill. I am also still trying to get my swim on every couple of days. My range of motion remains excellent. Things seem to be moving in the right direction! As if that wasn’t enough to show progress…check out some of the pics below from the last couple of months. I love looking back on these and comparing the progress along the way! BTW-If you get queasy with scar pics, you might not want to look beyond the first one.







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