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Put My Crutches Away

I have been working on a post reflecting on my 27 days of blogging in the spare moments over the last few days, but I really don’t want to post about that today.… Continue reading

Day 4: Last wheelchair ride

While it is fun to celebrate all the firsts, today I am celebrating a last as well. I took my last wheelchair ride through the Atlanta airport today. Being a huge airport and… Continue reading

Dropped a crutch

Breaking news–I dropped a crutch! Let me clarify that statement, dropping my crutches is not the news as I do that every day. At some point in the day I hear this noise… Continue reading

Lifehacks for Life on Crutches

I wouldn’t wish life on crutches to anyone after having to deal with them for the past two months, which is kind of funny because the 12 year old inside of me still… Continue reading