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I recently helped a client get his consulting business online with a very simple website–go check it out As you can see it’s nothing fancy, just has his credentials, specialties and contact information. Up until now, most of his business had been from word of mouth and networking as it’s a pretty specific niche. Within a week of publishing the website, he had a new client that had found him by searching the web.

There are lots of options for getting yourself out on the web. We chose a WordPress site for him, so he can go in an edit content as his CV grows. Google has also made it very easy to set up a website with their “Get Your Business Online” campaign. Another option that I point folks towards for setting up an online presence is as it’s very easy to set up and has the ability to connect to all of your social media streams. Feel free to check out mine at

So what’s standing in the way of you getting yourself online?

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