Beauty of a new bike

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We rode bikes as a family a lot when I was growing up. I grew up in a neighborhood that did not have a lot of traffic, but had a lot of roads to explore. My mom’s bike had a seat in the back for me to tag along until I was old enough to ride my own bike. I still remember learning to ride my banana seat bike. I would ride that bike all over the neighborhood and even through the cornfield (I lived in a place that was once the middle of no where) to the softball field and a neighboring subdivision. There was freedom in having a bike as a kid. I could ride to see friends, to the lake, to school, to town to go to the library… The banana seat bike and I had such a good time together growing up, but I still remember longing for a 10 speed schwinn.

I have had a similar longing for a while for a tri bike. But I could always talk myself out of upgrading. I have been riding a Specialized Roubaix for the past 2 years and have loved it. But training for the Ironman this year, with up to 7 hours of riding on the weekend, I came to the conclusion that it was finally time. My friends at my favorite local bike shop (The Bicycle Shop) had a bike perfect for me waiting in their warehouse which I bought during tax free weekend and picked up this past weekend. So meet the newest member of the family who has yet to be named–a Specialized Transition. We have logged about 40 miles together and so far so good. Ironman Florida–we will be ready for ya!!! 20130813-060606.jpg


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