A month into training

Can’t believe that I am already a month into training! WOW! It’s been a crazy month full of ups and downs both in training and outside of it. To say the least, life has been a little stressful this past month. Stress can make training more difficult because you make poor choices in terms of food, you tend to get less sleep and you have less energy to devote to your training. Well, I sure felt and did all those things, but I also turned to my training to find some sort of normalcy and stability in the chaos of life. I planned my day around my workout and not the other way around. It felt good to know that no matter what happened, I would get my workout in and have that added boost of endorphins.

But then my knee started to become unhappy 😦 It started in week 2 but got really bad in week 3, so I took some time off during my Christmas trip back home. Instead of logging the miles, I relaxed on the couch, played with my nieces and nephews, and did lots of shopping. We had lots of fun!!

Since I have been back I have shortened up my runs and my knee seems to be holding up well. I also invested in a foam roller to help with working out some of the painful spots. Jumped head first into the masters swim group as well and am swimming three times a week.  Even started off 2012 with a windy bike ride on my soon to be new bike 🙂

2012 is gonna be a great year! I’m not big into resolutions, but I do promise to dream big dreams, take a lot of risks and enjoy the journey!