How do you hydrate-giveaway!

IMG_4093Hydration is important. We need to stay hydrated to allow our body to do what it knows how to do. I will admit that I am not good at this on most days. And I suffer the consequences as a result. But during training and especially during a race week I make a concerted effort to get all the liquids I need because I know how important it is for our bodies to perform at their peak in addition to the day to day.

While training and racing there are different options you can consider for making sure you stay hydrated. Many folks have a large container on the front of their bike that they can drink out of while in an aero position. Even if you opt to go that route, you will need additional cages for water bottles on your bike to carry more water. This is especially important in training as usually in a race there are plenty of aid stations where you can refill.

For running, there are several different options as well and they either involve carrying a water bottle or a badder. There is the handheld water bottle, a pack to carry water at your waist and also one to carry a bottle on your back. The bladders are usually carried on the back in a pack but there are also some you can carry at the waist. You may also want to scout out locations to refill while training or loop back to your point of origin where you can have more waiting.

I promise to be better about hydrating. I even drank a bottle of water while typing this post. Feel free to check in with me about how I am doing and let me know if you need someone to check in on you.

I have a friend. His name is Pat. He also happens to be my triathlon coach. He has a blog that you definitely want to check out. He gave me a bad of goodies the other day and in there was something that can help with hydration–a Camelbak Delaney Plus–and I wanted to pass it along to you with some other goodies. The official rules for the giveaway are below, but basically, if you leave a comment on this post you will be entered into the giveaway.

If you are not familiar with the Delaney Plus, it’s a waist pack that holds a water bottle. In addition it has two pouches that you can use to stash your keys, phone or food while you are on the run.

So help me be better hydrated on a daily basis and tell me how you stay hydrated and you will be entered to sin the Camelbak Delaney Plus.

Official Rules for the Giveaway:

1. Giveaway includes the Camelbak Delaney Plus, a water bottle, three single serving packets of Skratch Labs hydration mix and four Picky Bars.

2. Giveaway open to adults 18 years of age and older residing in the United States. International entries not allowed.

3. Entries will be received from the posting of this blog post until Monday, April 20 at 8pm CST. Winner will be announced Tuesday, April 21 at 7am CST in a new blog post.

4. To enter, leave a comment on the contest post answering the question related to the post.

5. Winner will be chosen with the app list randomizer. Winner will be contacted electronically for further contact information.

6. One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be deleted before entering into the random picker. If technical difficulties occur, the contest will be postponed.