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IMG_1968.PNGThis has been my the pic on my locked iPhone screen since my trip to Alaska this summer. When I was in Alaska, I went down a zipline with my brother in law and my niece. It was 5,330 feet long, with a 1,300 foot vertical drop, and 60 mph maximum speed. As we rode up the mountain roads the fear and excitement began to well up inside up me as we would continue to see the beautiful views below. But when we got to the top, the fog rolled in and this was all we could see. I thought it was fitting because so often we have to jump before knowing everything and trust it will all work out in the end–not necessarily how we would like, but it will be fine.

To be honest, I have been using some of the same thinking to wrap my brain around Ironman Chattanooga. I really have no concept of what the day is going to be like or how it will play out. But I have been faithful in walking to the edge and I am ready to jump…but this time into the water to swim, then bike, then run.

My coach took some time in the past few weeks to remind me that we are not jumping into the fog, but there are many things we know going into this race including the fact that…

I am prepared physically. Let me repeat that. I am prepared physically.

He is well known for saying something to the fact that you need to control when you can and not worry about the rest. So the coming days will be spend collecting what is needed to prepare for all the variables. Sure the 10 day forecast has a high of 80 degrees, but the weather could turn and I just might need arm warmers and gloves. His instruction is to have everything necessary to help get me to the finish line be it a beanie, light jacket, gloves, shoes, socks, nutrition, headlamp, glow sticks, bio freeze packets, advil, love notes, watch, gum, or mama’s homemade cookies.

So today I am changing my lock screen pic to the pic below. It may change again before the race, but it will be images and words of things that are certain. BTW, that is a pic of the riverfront in Chattanooga where I will be spending a good portion of my day on September 28 and where I will cross the finish line!!



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