7 months

This week marks seven months post surgery. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like forever ago. I so vividly remember so many details, but luckily some things like the memories of the pain and the discomfort have faded a bit. It was a year ago that the pain in my knee got so bad that I first started along the journey of figuring out why it hurt. Of course I started with my GP who sent me to PT where we worked on strengthening the muscles around my knee. Looking back and now knowing why it hurt, it all makes so much sense. The pain would come and go and it was difficult to describe as it was deep in my knee. I remember it hurt really bad after using the rowing machine–well of course it did because it was putting pressure directly on the weakest part of my femur due to the tumor. But the good news is that today I don’t feel that pain! The tumor is out and, fingers crossed, gone for good! To watch what my body has done in growing new bone over the past 7 months–bone that is now taking the impact of running–has been amazing. I’ve had front row seats to the miracle of life. It hasn’t always been easy (I still remember staring up the first set of stairs I was to climb on my crutches and not knowing how I was going to get to the top) but it has always been amazing! So here’s to a “new” knee and the amazing things yet to come on this crazy chapter in my life.