Day 23: multi-sport

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One of the things that draws me to triathlon is the variety. Being a race made up of multiple sports–swimming, biking and running–you must train for each one. That means on a given week my workouts are mixed and varied. While I might run Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will be biking; and I will sneak in three swims at some point, too. Because life got in the way yesterday, I did not get to swim. Therefore today turned into a two workout day–first one since before my surgery. Rode my bike for a post-surgery record 21.5 miles in the a.m.; swam in the p.m. for the new normal of 3000 yards.

I’m not the only one who is attracted to triathlon for the variety. According to Caity at who recently attended the Triathlon Business International Conference, “challenge, confidence and variety” are heard the most when triathletes from all over the world are asked “What does it mean to be a triathlete?” And for someone like me dealing with an “injury” you can focus the disciplines that don’t compound the pain and continue to train.

Having been a two workout day, I am exhausted. So I will be calling it a night. Would love to hear from you why you are drawn to triathlon if you are a triathlete or whatever sport you do?

PS-I entered a contest for a free Ironman race entry from (a great online training log that I have actually been using for the last several years of triathlon training) and I need your help to win. Please vote for me by clicking the following link and following the directions: It’s a photo contest about what motivates you…if you need to be caught up on what motivates me, just click back to the blog from a couple days ago called 8 months to Ironman Chattanooga

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