Day 22: Party

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Little late with day 22 because we had our kick off party last night for the Baton Rouge Triathlon Club–so much fun! I’m really excited about the club this year and the things we are working on. Because I haven’t been out running this winter, I haven’t been around these folks as often as I would like–they are my people, they are my friends, they keep me sane.

Somehow last summer, I became the President of the club. Not completely sure whey they trust me with that, but I am having fun for sure. It was fun to catch up with folks who I haven’t seen since my surgery, but who have been following along my journey from afar. So many sweet and supportive comments. They too are pretty amazed as am that I am already back to some modified training. It was also fun to meet some new people who really have no idea what I went thru and for them not to even notice the hitch in my step.

We’ve got some great sponsors, including a brand new title sponsor H&E Equipment Services–so excited to have them on board. In addition, we have The Bicycle Shop, Varsity Sports, Rudy Project, Xterra Wetsuits, and Orr Cycling. Still room for some more if anyone out there is interested.

We’ve already got a couple of fun things on the calendar including a run clinic this week with our favorite Newton Running rep on Wednesday after work. We will be running up on the levee and then get a drink afterwards and do some Q&A with Johnathan who finished 3rd in his AG at Ironman Florida this year–speedy guy! Thursday will be another fun trainer class day at The Bicycle  Shop and would love to see more members join us.

Thanks to all those who came out to support the club last night. Newbies and Ironman alike in a room talking about gear, guts and glory….I love these people!!!

PS-I entered a contest for a free Ironman race entry from (a great online training log that I have actually been using for the last several years of triathlon training) and I need your help to win. Please vote for me by clicking the following link and following the directions: It’s a photo contest about what motivates you…if you need to be caught up on what motivates me, just click back to the blog from a couple days ago called 8 months to Ironman Chattanooga

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