Day 17: On the Road Again

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I have been looking forward to today all week long. Despite the freezing rain and inclement weather this week, there was the promise of 60 degree weather for today. After my great ride on the trainer on Thursday, I knew it was time to test things out on the road. As I was planning out the when and where yesterday, I got a text from my friend Melissa asking if I wanted to ride. Always more fun to ride with a friend, so of course I said yes.

This morning I had some coffee and a picky bar while I mixed up my skratch labs hydration mix. Then came the decision on what to wear–I am so out of practice on these things, but in the windy weather it’s very important. Loaded my bike in the car and headed out to River Road where I was greeted by blue skies and open roads.

Getting on and off the bike is the tricky part right now, as I just don’t trust my right leg completely, yet. Once on the bike, it was smooth sailing…until the head wind. But I enjoyed every minute of the ride today. I even remember saying to Melissa as we were being tossed about by a cross wind, I have nothing to complain about being out here riding. We just did one lap around the split (which for those unfamiliar is about 10.5 miles), but I see more in my immediate future in addition to more time on the trainer–woohoo!

The good news is that several hours later, no knee pain. It feels a bit weird, just as swimming did for a while following the surgery, but I suspect that’s just a result of the muscle waking up again. And hopefully, just like it has for swimming, the weird feeling will go away in time.

Big shout out and thank you to Melissa for the invite, encouragement, company and also the pics from todays ride! Cheers to a great day!


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