2014 Goals

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I am not someone to make resolutions, I would rather set goals. To simply say I will be healthier this year does last beyond the first couple of weeks of the year, but picking out a few tangible things I can do that will help me be healthier and set them as goals will carry the theme of the year beyond January. Recently I had to submit something with my goals for 2014. It was pretty interesting to write them down as the first three seem surreal…

1) To walk without crutches.

2) To run again.

3) To complete Ironman Chattanooga.

I never would have thought I would have a goal to walk again–but I have to say it’s what drives me right now.

In addition to those three goals I also have the following…some are low hanging fruit, because the adventure is already planned, but why not add them to a list you can then cross off.

4) To climb on a glacier (have to be able to walk to do this, too!)

5) To visit state 49 (Alaska) out of 50!

6) To work towards closing streets in Baton Rouge periodically for safe recreation just as is done in New York City, San Francisco, Austin and more cities around the globe.

7) To try cooking a new to me recipe once a month. (I had contemplated once a week, but I think once a month is more realistic.)

8) To give more than I get–now this one might look more like a resolution, but it is simple in that if I buy myself a new outfit then an old outfit needs to be given away.

9) To celebrate and live out of my strengths–Connectedness, Individualization, Learner, Command and Belief. (yes, it’s written as a resolution, but working to make it more of a goal. will update it soon.)

And while that’s my list of goals for now, I am sure more will be added and some will be changed. But what I have realized in the past year is that while there is quite a lot to be said about achieving your goals, the journey to get there is just as important. The diligence to plan and pursue them changes you from the inside out. I think this is what Henry David Thoreau meant when he said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Would love to hear what your goals are for 2014?


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