Top 13 of 2013 – part 4

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20131229-005439.jpgWhat a year it’s been! While much has happened over the course of the past year some things stand out more than others. Over the next couple of days I will share, in no particular order, the top 13 worthy to be called out for a spotlight. (PS-all posts link back to pics or previous blog posts for you to enjoy or catch up on if you missed them the first time around.)

11. 9/11-Another amazing day at work was the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance. For the third year in a row we mobilized volunteers to celebrate local heroes — fire fighters, police officers, EMS personnel in addition to Louisiana soldiers serving overseas. We had schools, companies, businesses and folks like you and me writing letters, making banners and putting together care packages to demonstrate their thanks. In total, close to 400 care packages were sent overseas to soldiers, well over 1000 letters of thank you were written and distributes to our local heroes, and banners were distributed to all the divisions of our local protection agencies.

12. Seeing friends cross the finish line: I will say it over and over “big dreams are contagious” until you join with me in the belief and start to dream big yourself. This year I got to cheer on friends as they ran marathons, did triathlons, started new business, pushed outside their comfort zone, looked for ways to give back–it’s a pretty amazing experience to watch someone set a big goal, work to meet it and then celebrate with them when they get there. Looking forward to much more of this in the year to come as well.

13. The Jesus chair: when I was working in youth ministry and we would go out with kids or leaders and have an extra seat at the table we would call it the Jesus chair–we figured at some point someone would show up to fill that seat so why not leave a chair open for them to feel welcomed when they arrived and if no one ever came, well then we left room for Jesus. And I am doing just that with #13 because I know in a couple of days I am going to remember that awesome day I spend with some friends riding bikes, or getting to see my niece qualify for the state swim meet on her first try at an event, or my first swim after surgery…so to honor that last awesome moment of 2013, I leave empty the Jesus chair.

So that’s 2013 in a nutshell–one that spanned four blog posts. If you need to catch up on the previous three you can do so via the links below:

So what made your top 13 for 2013?


  1. A great year and I know 2014 will be filled with even more shining moments for you! Hang in there, stay strong, keep healing….can’t wait until your 1st race!! It’ll be here before you know it!!

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