Top 13 of 2013 – part 2

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What a year it’s been! While much has happened over the course of the past year some things stand out more than others. Over the next couple of days I will share, in no particular order, the top 13 worthy to be called out for a spotlight. (PS-all posts link back to pics or previous blog posts for you to enjoy or catch up on if you missed them the first time around.)

Check out 1-3 in part 1 of the Top 13 of 2013.

4. Sombreros: I have long believed that salsa has healing properties, especially when you add chips, friends and sombreros!


5. IM training: I spent much of the year building a base for training and then training for Ironman Florida. I logged lots of miles on the roads, in the pool and on the treadmill to prepare. And while I didn’t get to cross that finish line or even line up at the start line, training for #IMFL taught me a lot about who I am and what I am made of and how far I can be stretched before breaking–things that have given me the courage to face the unexpected that has come my way this year.

6. Augusta 70.3 with my FJR peeps: You can catch the race report here, but the weekend was more than just the race–it was a great time with friends and lots of team shenanigans.

Thanks for reading…come back tomorrow for part 3.


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