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3rd monthiversary

Today is the third monthiversary of my surgery–a little over 90 days. Things have sure come a long way since day one. Three months ago right now my leg was in the immobilizer,… Continue reading

Dropped a crutch

Breaking news–I dropped a crutch! Let me clarify that statement, dropping my crutches is not the news as I do that every day. At some point in the day I hear this noise… Continue reading

Crawl Before You Walk

It’s amazing the things we take for granted in life…until one day they are suddenly taken away. For me it’s been walking. I haven’t walked unassisted since the morning of October 7, 2013,… Continue reading

6 weeks post surgery

6 weeks ago yesterday I had surgery on my right leg to remove a giant cell tumor from my femur (thigh bone) right above my knee. In the last two months I have… Continue reading

Revised goal: 90 degrees

Going to be honest–it’s been a tough week. I’m not saying that for any sympathy, it’s just the truth. Being back in my house has been great, but there is much I still… Continue reading

How Koko Got Her Spots

Sometimes there are signs that my body hasn’t figured out that Ironman training is over. Here I am awake before 5am on a Monday morning ready to swim, bike or run. So I’ve… Continue reading

Hello 2013 season

Yesterday was my first race of the season–Oxbow Triathlon in New Roads, Louisiana. Boy, do I enjoy race season. It’s fun to be out at the local races a couple of weekends a… Continue reading

Second Installment

Hanging out on my trainer for an hour and fifteen minutes tonight so I figured I would write the second installment of the road to IRONMAN! If you missed the first, feel free… Continue reading

Learning from a step back

When you are working towards a tough goal, you are gonna have a step back every so often. But if you can learn from that step in the wrong direction, then it’s worthwhile…or… Continue reading

Running Update: Time to Celebrate Progress

In my race report from Santa Rosa, I made a comment that progress is addicting. I think that is one of the things that compels athletes to continue progressing along. Throughout my short… Continue reading