More Than You Think is Mental

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My planner has a goals list and a to do list for every week. Since I started my training plan, my number one goal has been my 30 minute 5K. My goal race is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. My current PR (personal record) is just over 35 min and was set this spring while I was training for the half ironman. Until I accomplish my goal, it will be on the top of my list of goals to continue to remind myself what I am working towards. It’s no longer just about finishing the race–it is about a specific performance goal and that goal needs to be at the forefront of my mind as I train.

I have realized that one big difference in my training this time around is that while I am training my legs and my lungs, I am also training my brain. I have come to realize more of running than you might think is mental! Every week as I hit a new pace or go a longer distance, it becomes something I KNOW I can do. Then the next workout I have the confidence that I CAN do what I’ve already done AND push a little more. It’s amazing what you can do when you know you can do it! I’ll admit I have been known to talk myself out of things pretty easily. I will get in the middle of a run and just give up as I tell myself “I can’t do it anymore” or that “I need to stop and walk” and then never start running again. But no more because I am training my brain to KNOW that I CAN run.

What do you do to train your brain?


  1. I agree that often the biggest challenge is the brain. I am working hard on telling mine to shut up when I run. It’s a slow process but I think it’s working!

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