Soup season

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It’s fall y’all…and that means it’s soup season here in the Pacific Northwest!

I’ve been experimenting with some recipes that have limited inflammatory ingredients. One recipe that has become a favorite is PALEO BACON CHEESEBURGER SOUP. I’ve been making this once a week and putting it in Mason jars to bring to work for lunch. Super easy to make. A couple of tweaks I’ve made that I really enjoy…1) I will often shred the sweet potato to make sure it cooks in the given time. 2) if I’m sort on time, I will purchase pre-cut veggies to cut down on prep time. 3) I try to simmer on medium low for at least an hour. 4) while most everything is better with bacon, this soup doesn’t need it to be delicious.

Would love to hear about your go to soup recipes and if you try out this one!

❤ koko

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