Thoughts in my head… Osprey 2 mile open water swim “race report”

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Today I did my first race of the year–a 2 mile open water swim. I contemplated doing a race report, but that would amount to something along the lines of “I swam in a relatively straight line for a mile. I swam around an orange buoy. And then I swam back.” So instead I thought I would give you a glimpse into some of the thoughts that went thru my head. This is by no means the entire list as I swam for one hour and 18 minutes–that’s a heck of a lot of time to think about stuff. I will also add that many of these thoughts repeated themselves more than I let on in my list.

I now present to you some of my thoughts in today’s 2 mile open water swim:

  • Why did I think this was a good idea?
  • I wonder how long I can draft off the pack?
  • That wasn’t long.
  • It’s sure choppy today.
  • My stomach doesn’t feel well.
  • Stupid wave in my face.
  • Would my coach be mad if I quit?
  • Would I be mad if I quit?
  • What was that black thing in the water? Oh, just someone in their wetsuit.
  • Made it to the 1 mile turnaround…yay. Maybe I should just swim the mile.
  • If it’s this rough here, I wonder what the swim was like in PCB.
  • Look at those people running on the bridge.
  • Why do I always choose to swim in muddy gross water?
  • What’s that noise? Could it be a dolphin? How cool would it be if a school of dolphins swam with us the rest of the way!
  • <burb> I hope I don’t throw up.
  • It’s the bridge…almost to the turn around. Don’t water creatures like to hang out around bridges? Like that giant squid in Gig Harbor.
  • What was that?
  • Has someone seriously been swimming behind me this whole time?
  • Ah…the buoy!
  • Yay, now we have the current in our favor.
  • Let me try and stay with this guy that just passed me. Stay on his bubbles. Swim, swim, swim.
  • That didn’t last long.
  • What just touched my feet?
  • Is that kayak hanging close to me because I look like I need help. Seriously that kayak is really close.
  • Oh look there’s another person up ahead; I wonder if I can catch him.
  • I wonder how deep the water is here.
  • That orange buoy looks like a cheeto. I must be hungry.
  • What is that smell in the water? Smells like clams. Is this what it’s like for fish? Can they smell the water? If they do I feel bad because it smells horrible.
  • Why do I always choose to swim in gross muddy water?
  • I can do this. 
  • Where’s that boat I’m supposed to be sighting off of? 
  • Oh good the kayak is back…I’ll sight off it. Oh no the kayak is back…am I that slow? 
  • Remind me to thank the kayak afterwards.
  • Finally, I see the boats.
  • I can do this.
  • Actually, I did this.
  • Where did the water go? Should I stand up and walk? <walks in ankle deep water>
  • Walking is hard…glad I can swim again.
  • I see people on the shore.
  • Wow…it’s over. 
  • What time is it?
  • Yay…it’s over!

Been wanting to do this race for a while but it’s never worked out. Had a great time–totally a race I would totally do again in a heartbeat.

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  1. Love this so much!! I think you and I have about the same thought process during these things 😁

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